Arbre Qui Donne

Arbre Qui Donne loosely translates to "the giving tree". Peach trees on the five generation Pearson family farm near Macon Georgia have been giving for over 130 years. Each year at peach harvest, we select just the right barrels that will blend to create the right depth of acidity and funkiness to meld with the sweet succulent peach. Close your eyes and imagine the romance of a hazy warm summer day in a Georgia peach orchard with Grandma's freshly baked peach pie waiting to reward a hard day of harvest. We hope to have captured that romance in this bottle. 

ABV: 6.7%

TA: 11.2



Available in 375 ml/750ml bottles, and a small amount of 1/6 barrels. Ask your local bars, and liquor stores about Arbre Qui Donne.


Arbre Qui Donne is one of our sour blends that we produce yearly, it started out as a simple one barrel with fruit, but has sense evolved to involve more that five barrels per batch to achieve what we believe makes a beautifully tart peach beer. 


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