Barrel Aged Liquid Soul

What is a soul? 

Is it the sum of our human qualities? Perhaps it’s our perception of a human condition filtered through experience, circumstance, will and time. A culmination of human endeavor, and the dreams which forge triumph, failure, doubt, and ascension in the wake of creation. We suggest the soul is none of these things. As captured in this corporeal form to exist as vacancy, black and tempered by time in our contrivance to ascribe meaning to abstract existence, we create. This thought becomes reality, sublimated into liquid form from harmonious nothing, and transformed over time in bourbon barrels. Barrel Aged Liquid Soul is willed to be. It exists as a testament to creation and by consequence an approximation of the Liquid Soul. 

ABV: 10.5

IBUS: 40 


12oz bottles/4 packs, available brewery only. Get it while you can!

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