Barrel Aged Sours

Project LO

Blood of the Cherry

Arbre Qui Donne

Project Lo was the first barrel aged sour that we ever made, and is the only one that we consistently release without fruit. Project Lo is also one of our Barrel Blenders that we use in order to blend up the right batch for different sour ales. 

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Arbre Qui Donne loosely translates to "the giving tree". Peach trees on the five generation Pearson family farm near Macon Georgia have been giving for over 130 years. Each year at peach harvest, we select just the right barrels that will blend to create the right depth of acidity and funkiness to meld with the sweet succulent peach. Close your eyes and imagine the romance of a hazy warm summer day in a Georgia peach orchard with Grandma's freshly baked peach pie waiting to reward a hard day of harvest. We hope to have captured that romance in this bottle. 

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Gift of Ida

The story of Ida begins with the Baby Zeus, with whom she tried to appease with Raspberries. To commemorate that occasion, we've made Gift of Ida, a barrel aged sour ale re-fermented on local red raspberries. 

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Blood the Cherry was one of our first sour beers that we did regularly. Made with cherries from Door county. This sour comes in as a extremely cherry tart treat.

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Nothing says Country in Wisconsin like fresh cut Rhubarb. Considered the first "fruit" of the season, rhubarb grows along weed lines and homesteads throughout the state. Our goofy cosmic spin on the crisp, fresh cut sour reminds us to stay playful because beer should be fun. Taste the tart on tart crispness that will bring you back to childhood memories in the country. No exaltation transference pellet needed to fall in love with this intergalactic time machine. 

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Ida's Dark Secret

Ida's story continues when her father Melisseus finds that she has hidden the infant Zeus. He curses the raspberries that she gifted to Zeus, hence turning them black. We took that moment in time and made our Ida's Dark Secret, a barrel aged sour blonde re-fermented on local Black Cat Raspberries.

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Bring me the Disco King

The story of 'Bring me the Disco King' starts as a beer known as Tuppens Demise. This barrel aged sour blonde is packed with Blueberries and ginger to give it a refreshing pop. 

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