Bring me the Disco King

Bring me the Disco King is a blueberry sour with ginger. Having replaced the Tuppens Demise as a yearly brewed sour, we believe that the ginger in the Disco King really makes the beer pop and provides a amazing flavor.  

ABV: 6.8%

IBUS: 10

TA: 15.5


Available in 375ml bottles, and a small amount of 1/6 barrels. Ask your local bars, and liquor stores about Bring me the Disco King.


In the past, we had done Tuppens Demise which was a straight blueberry sour ale. Having eventually decided that it didn't hold up to our current sours we chose to look at the recipe and see if we could change anything to make it better. The answer? Yes. The Ginger in the Disco King really makes this beer exceptional.


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