The O'so Team

Marc and Katina Buttera


      Raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Marc and Katina are High-School sweethearts that were young parents.  They worked hard to make the O'so dream come true.

      Marc is the past president of the Wisconsin Brewers Guild, and Katina and Marc are involved with the Wisconsin Big Brothers Big Sisters program. 

     Marc has a degree in Mechanical Design, while Katina has a degree in Accounting. In their spare time they enjoy kayaking, riding bikes, and staying active and of course, having a few beers. Marc also enjoys fishing and hunting in the great outdoors.


Brewery Staff

Mark Spilker - Brewery Operations Manager

Mark began brewing in 1998 in his hometown of Green Bay, WI. In the year 2000, Mark left Wisconsin and spent some time brewing in various places including Jackson, Wyoming and Portland, Oregon, before finally returning home to Wisconsin in 2009. In his free time, Mark enjoys biking around the great outdoors and spending time with his daughter. Mark also collects records and will occasionally make a night of watching bad horror movies.  (March 2018)

Steve Paulik - Cellar/Brewery Production

Steve came to O’so in the very early days, late Spring 2009, after losing his job at a printing company . He worked in every facet of the brewery from bottling to cellar work and logistics. The need for a key employee at Point Brew Supply warranted Steve leaving the brewery in 2011 for a cooler, dryer work environment, but after some years in the brew shop he has decided to once again take a full time positions that just opened in the brewery, again.


 Steve is our teams longest tenured employee, We are sad to see him leave the store, but know he will shine in the brewery as he always has in the brew shop. For the foreseeable future, he will Steve still help out in the brew shop when needed. Steve enjoys spending time with his wife and son, kayaking, and playing guitar. Steve is part of the three man band, Gumbo, that plays at the Taphouse every other Thursday and on occasion at Central Waters and the Elbow Room.  (March 2018)

Mike Ottum - Brewer

Mike was born in Heideberg, Germany on a US Military base. Mike grew up moving around the world, and eventually enlisted in the army, spending five years in active duty. When Mike returned to the US as a civilian he found the love of his life, and has spent over 20 years with her. Mike is a hands on worker and enjoys wood working, fishing, and hunting. Mike worked for Menards for 18 years, and O'so for 3 years. As of 2017 Mike became a full time employee of O'so Brewing. (2018)

Kyle 'Zoomy' Zoromski

Zoomy is our newest employee and comes to us with strong experience in canning and having fun. He loves to hunt and fish, hang out with friends and is just a fun guy to be around. 

Packaging Lead

Dave Hron

Dave has been home brewing since 1980, Dave enjoys the water and canoeing. His favorite brew is the O'so Sweet Lady Stout. Dave comes from a line of Germans, Czechs, French, and Belgians, so you know that he enjoys good beer. (2018)


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Sales and Marketing

Dylan Buttera

Dylan is Marc and Katina’s eldest son and has a young growing family of four. Dylan has always been a learner and an achiever, and so he has started a screen-printing side business in the last few years that he tries fitting in, alongside his job of traveling the state of Wisconsin, working the market for the O’so brands. He has been working in the family business for since Summer of 2010. He has always enjoyed reading, being outside and most of all making money. He was once almost suspended from school in Junior High because he had turned his locker into a convenience store in between class periods selling jolt energy drinks and cheap candy. He was actually making quite a bit of money until a certain health teacher shut him down since his products weren’t to her health standards. More than anything though, Dylan often enjoys a good stimulating conversation of the sort that most people don’t care to have. Venturing into forbidden territories and getting outside of one’s comfort zone are what make a lesson stick he says. Therefore he believes in challenging the status quo and playing devil’s advocate quite often. Go ahead try it next time you see him! (2018)

General Sales Manager

Kurt Woodruff

Kurt was born and raised in Sidney, OH (close to Dayton). He graduated from Bowling Green State University with his Bachelors degree in the spring of 2009. He brings close to 8 years in the beverage sales industry. He started back in 2009 when he was a territory sales manager at Phusion Projects (makers of Four Loko) in the Chicago market. He left Phusion Projects in  2015 to try his hand at selling dental equipment. Kurt explains that this was a terrible mistake that lasted too long. He was ready to get back in the beer business, so he left the dental industry in 2016, moved up to the great state of Wisconsin and landed the Beer Ambassador position with Tyranena Brewing Co. He was with them for close to two years before joining us here at O’so on August 6th, 2018.

Southern Wisconsin Sales Manager

Dan Buttera

Dan is the youngest son of Katina and Marc, and has worked for the family since 2011. He started off as a beer-tender, but recently transitioned to full-time marketing and social media, with a bit of accounting thrown in. 

Marketing and Social Media

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Taphouse Beertenders

Sammy Bentz

Sammy was born and raised in Wisconsin Rapids, WI and has lived in the Plover area for three years. In his free time, Sammy enjoys spending time with his wife Kayla, son Briar and the rest of his family. He loves football and could talk about it endlessly, especially if it involves the Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos or the Wisconsin Badgers. He has a passion for drawing and the fine arts and is always willing to show anyone his work. He is going back to school this Spring to get a degree in digital marketing with the hopes of meshing art and marketing together for a future job. 

Aside from sports and art, Sammy loves a good laugh from a good (or bad) joke and enjoys finding humor amongst the dumbest of things. He also enjoys a good beer and is a self declared hop head but is always down for trying new beers.


Elizabeth Bettenhausen

Elizabeth was an O’so customer for 5 years before moving to the other side of the bar.  She appreciates natural, local items used in O’so beers.  Has been learning about the brewing process at O’so. 

Knows a lot about the local area and other small breweries in the area. 

When not working at O’so she is a Board Member for the Amherst Opera House.  Chair of the Programming Committee.

She is also a past President and officer for various Veterans organizations.  A founding board member of a lakes/rivers organization. Held the Positions of President, Vice President and Secretary  for them.

Past County Board of Supervisors member in NW Wisconsin, Rusk County. 

Recipient of the Rusk County heart of Gold Award for volunteerism.  This is significant, as most receiving this award are retired. 


She has been owner/operator of Native Inspirations, a lapidary/jewelry business since 2002. 

Prior to being employed by O’so, she was a manager/CEO for various not for profit organizations serving those with challenges for over 30 years.   


Elizabeth will greet you with a smile and provide you with whatever you need to make your experience at O’so enjoyable. 


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Madhouse Beertenders

Chad Kersey - General Manager

Chad has been living the beer life for awhile now in Madison. He comes to us with a wealth of restaurant and bar knowledge. Half of his career was on the culinary side and the other half running various businesses around the Madison area. He has set up beer programs for many bars & restaurants in Madison and during that time he started homebrewing as well. Lately he has been enjoying biking and kayaking (with a beer of course) during his spare time. Wildly he has visited over 300 breweries during vacation around the states. His record of breweries in a single day is 14. Skateboarding was a huge part of his life when he was younger so every once and while you might find him cruising around the streets near the taproom or pushing around one of the skateparks in the area.

Madhouse General Manager

Amy Anderson

I moved here from Southern California in 2014. I have a degree in Chemistry and a love for craft beer and home brewing. When I’m not working you’ll usually find me outside. I’m an avid cyclist, runner, and hiker with aspirations to do another marathon, an Iron Man, and to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. I like to thrift for must have records and I am a seeker of live music.


Ty Golackson

Born and raised in Monroe, WI, the home of the Joseph Huber Brewing Company [now Minhas] where my grandpa worked on the bottling line, I got my start with beer working as a wedding and tailgate bartender for the Wisconsin Unions. After working my way up to Student Bar manager, I began working a second job with Karben4. In my two and a half years there, I went from server  to bartender to event crew, which has taken me all across Wisconsin to many different beer festivals where I have honed my knowledge of Wisconsin beers and breweries. 


Darby Gonzales

Darby is a a huge fan of Brewers. Actually a big fan of both the MLB team and the great people that make some of Wisconsin’s finest beer. Darby always enjoys drinking some great Wi craft beers with good people. Also when he was young he took his Dad’s homebrews and drank them under a bridgesa behind his school with his buddies. That might be were he got his first taste and love of craft beer. Currently he serves tables and bartends a two other fine Madison establishments. 


Adam Zierten

Adam Zierten moved to Madison from Racine Wi in 1996, to pursue his dreams of being a musician. Over the course of 20+ years, he’s had a successful run of gigging, writing and recording music with bands like Reason For Leaving and Mojo Radio. While playing out at various bars/venues, Adam happily stumbled into tending bar, first at Mr Roberts as booking manager, and culminating with a 10 year stint at Glass Nickel Pizza, where he has been bar manager and lead bartender. Adam enjoys good beer and good food, especially if he’s cooking it!


Maggie Thelen

Maggie came to Madison from West Bend, Wisconsin in 2008 for school and after graduation did not want to leave this beautiful city. Over 10 years later, she is not regretting that decision at all. When she isn’t working, she enjoys exploring the Madison food and drinks scene, playing volleyball, and running. She knows how to appreciate a good beer and is wicked good at tv and movie trivia.  


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