Goldilock's Revenge

Pull up a warm Wisconsin blanket and relax in comfort with this brandy barrel age imperial stout. From its tight tan head to its stouteous black body, Goldiock's Revenge is about being just right. The light mouthfeel relays the adage walking softly and carrying a big stick.  Waves of velvety chocolate ride with lightly toasted marshmallows over a wood campfire keeping the alcohol very refined to the nose.  Dark fruit and brandied chocolate are the first show on the tongue. A complex mingling of wood/ brandy/ grainy roast set the middle stage of this experience.  Light smoke combines with barrel char to fill the back ground notes before the bitterness of the hops drops to a stout finish.  


ABV: 12.5%

IBUS: 95

Availability: 12oz bottles/4 packs, available brewery only. Get it while you can!

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