Grandpa's Got a Gun

It is back! After a lengthy excursion somewhere deep in the woods, Grandpa is back with gun in tow. We took our delicious take on a maple strong ale building a delectable base entirely with over 20 barrels of Wisconsin Maple Sap.  We aged this base for over 8 months in Wisconsin Brandy barrels imparting a brandy infusion of oak char, and maple syrup drizzled pancakes. This 12% brew is the perfect marriage of maple sweetness, and high gravity Belgian strong ale yielding a warm and inviting experience welcoming you out into the wood, gun in hand.


ABV:  12%

IBUS: 40

Availability: On Tap, and in 12 oz bottles. Limited Availability.

O'so Brewing Company

3028 Village Park Dr

Plover, WI


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