A New Era of Solera

We are changing our mixed culture for our pseudo-solera Project Lo fermentations. Our pseudo-solera starts with Project Lo wort inoculated with a mixed culture of yeast and bacteria to achieve our desired flavor profile as the foundation for our mixed fermentation barrel program. As barrels are filled with Project Lo after fermentation, we leave a portion of the beer in the fermentor. As we brew more Project Lo wort, we feed the pseudo-solera stock with fresh wort. The result is a fractional blend of beer of differing age feeding into the life cycle of our mixed culture. This process dictates that over time, concentrations of populations relative to one another can change from point of inoculation to the point of the solera being fed with fresh wort. This means the flavor profile of our Project Lo is changing over time before we fill barrels. It is a pseudo-solera because a true solera has the same interval of time between each blend into the solera. We blend into our solera as needed and dictated by refilling barrels for our sour production.

 We previously utilized the Bug Farm  (ECY01 Bugfarm) mixed culture from East Coast Yeast. This is a blend of various yeast and souring bacteria. Bug Farm was our house solera culture going back to the begging of Project Lo in 2014. Since the inception of our pseudo-solera stock, we have observed and experienced the evolution of this mixed culture multiple times from multiple inoculation events. Over the past 5 years, we have grown to appreciate the complexity and versatility of Bugfarm as expressed in Project Lo and our fruited offerings. 

Looking into the future, we are switching our culture to Bootleg Biology's Spring Solera Blend 2019 starting with next weeks fresh inoculate of Project Lo. This particular blend was favored over other blends as it is derived from Bootleg Biology's internal solera. This means the culture is alive, presumably happy, and through its life cycle has acclimated to a solera environment. We have played with many cultures from Bootleg Biology and the offerings are always top notch. We are excited to experience the fruits of this change late 2020/early 2021 when the first Spring Solera barrels have reached maturity and are fully incorporated into out blend stock.



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