O'so many changes and Improvements

Last Day of Packaging Clean Beer into Bottles. 3/05/19

Hello O’so fans! We are proud to announce the start of an ongoing online blog publication highlighting the best of what we do. O’so Beer Blog will act as a connector between our fans and our passionate hard working brewers and staff in addition to our social media presence, and face to face interactions via tastings and events in our taprooms and accounts throughout WI and MN.

We are in an exciting time at O’so defined by change in many forms. We are in the process of installing a new canning line and moving most of our beers to the 12oz and 16oz can format. Our barrel aged blended sours will continue to be packaged in 375mL glass format with all other beers going into cans. We are updating the recipes for many of our core brands. These improvements include changes in our house yeast strains, new hop varieties, and the addition of Hop Snack to our core lineup. In the midst of all this change, we are opening a taproom in Madison to better serve our dedicated fans in one of the best beer markets around.

With change comes expectations. We plan to exceed them in our execution, and promise to continually improve our quality and product through this transition. These changes will allow us to brew new and exciting beers with an increased regularity. We will have a larger focus on our barrel program, with more sour and clean barrel aged offerings than ever before. Our pilot system is being updated to allow for increased production of our experimental pilot brews exclusive to our taprooms. This is just the beginning.

This introduction to our blog will act as a jumping off point where we will elaborate on these points and much more in greater detail in subsequent stand alone posts.We will have multiple contributors each providing a unique perspective into our company and our beer, and we are excited to share more. We see this as a great opportunity to share what we are doing on the technical and creative side of production and connect with our fans about it in a direct way.

Feel uneasy about the change? Let’s talk about it. Leave a comment either on the blog, social media, or in our taproom over a beer. Stay tuned for more posts to come.

Thank you for supporting us!

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