Why Cans are O'so Better!

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Cans are a better package for beer. The metallic taste many consumers associate with cans is a dated fear from a bygone era. Modern cans utilize a polymer lining in every can allowing for a barrier between the metal and beer. A properly sealed can does not allow in light or oxygen and operates essentially as a small scale keg. This means the days of skunked beer are over, and our fresh IPA’s taste fresh for longer. We are purchasing a brand new canning line with quality seamers and flow meters on every fill head allowing for efficient and proper fills which introduce less oxygen to our beer compared to our previous rotary bottle filler. Our beer will remain stable, and fresh anywhere you want to enjoy it.

Captain Planet Approves

Cans are also a more environmentally friendly package for our beer than bottles. Aluminum recycles more efficiently meaning less byproduct to be left in landfills over time. Our cans are produced with around 70% recycled materials whereas bottles use only up to 30%. Furthermore, cans are recycled almost 20% more often than bottles overall. 12 oz cans weigh 17 times less than 12 oz bottles and do not require a cardboard case carrier, meaning lower fuel costs and a smaller carbon footprint (20% less than bottles) to ship. Cans allow you to lawfully bring O’so beer on beaches, riverways, and trails where glass use is deemed irresponsible to the environment allowing for more consumer choice. To offer more choice to our fans, we are pleased to announce we will be offering 32 oz Crowler fills at our Madison location at launch! Take weird draft only or new R&D brews with you anywhere cans go.

Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

Quality packaging, and a smaller carbon footprint are enough to make the switch to cans an attractive one, however, the benefits do not stop there. The switch to cans allows us to brew smaller batch runs of experimental beer and release this beer on a timeline much shorter than packaging with bottles. This means more O’so beer, with new brands that can be brewed, packaged, and in your hands faster than ever. We will be efficient and nimble, with the ability to produce novel and exciting beers while maintaining our core quality lineup. Flexibility in printing can sleeves vs bottle labels (which have higher minimum order quantities) and paperboard six pack carriers (which are expensive, and not needed when canning) plays a huge role in making it all possible.

The transition from bottles to cans allows us to take what was previously an “all hands on deck” packaging operation, requiring 7 people, to one that will require only 4. This added efficiency will allow others to focus on specialized brewing, blending, and cellar tasks. With this focus on our barrel production we can release more barrel aged sour ales, and non-sour spirit barrel aged beers, than ever before. This not only gives us more freedom to introduce new products, but also affords us a cost savings down the chain, which ultimately benefits the consumer. Cans also require far less vertical storage space, which is huge in a brewery or distributor warehouse setting where maximizing space is paramount. Less weight and a smaller package means we can fit more beer on a truck out to you, and pay less overall shipping cost both to and from our brewery. If you have a question or concern please leave a comment. Cans are simply the better vessel for our beer, and we are happy to offer it to you.

Cheers -

Jeffrey the Lab Guy

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