Refreshing Summer

This summer we encourage you to beat the heat by trying one of our three SUPER #refreshing #crushableable beers. We'd love for you to get in on the action by using #osorefreshingsummer. Let us know what YOU think!



Here's what we've got:

Hop Snack

This new addition to our year-round line up is fantastic. A juicy pale ale at an approachable price. Check it out here.

The Big 2.O

We reformatted the Big O this year, and have made it even better. Now with great citrus character and mouthfeel. 

Check it out here.

Infectious Groove

As with every summer, sours are one of the best go to's with the tart and refreshing character. This year sit back and enjoy a tart yet crushable Infectious Groove.

Check it out here.

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