Nothing says Country in Wisconsin like fresh cut Rhubarb. Considered the first "fruit" of the season, rhubarb grows along weed lines and homesteads throughout the state. Our goofy cosmic spin on the crisp, fresh cut sour reminds us to stay playful because beer should be fun. Taste the tart on tart crispness that will bring you back to childhood memories in the country. No exaltation transference pellet needed to fall in love with this intergalactic time machine. 

ABV: 6.6%

TA: 13.2

IBUS: 10


Available in 375ml bottles, and a small amount of 1/6 barrels. Ask your local bars, and liquor stores about Rhubarbarella.


In 2017 we really started to pump out exceptional sours. However as we made more and more, they got continually more complex and harder for the average drinker to identify all the flavors. With the Rhubarb, we returned to the basics and made a super clean, easy drinking sour that can stand among the best.


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