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Where do we park?

Outside of the handful of parking spaces available directly on East Wash, there are 50 parking spaces available inside the heated parking garage of the Marling Building that are specifically for the businesses in the Marling. To access pull up to the door on either East Wash, or Main St. 

When we you have in-door seating again?

We would love to be able to have indoor seating, but with everything going on currently, we have to do our diligence in ensuring both your health, as well as our own. Once Dane County, and Madison as a municipality allow us to have indoor seating we will follow the same guidelines as our Plover location, with ensuring that we wipe down each seating space with bleach and soap water between customers.

Do you sell kegs for home kegerators? 

We do! However you would have to order these ahead of time. We get deliveries from the mother ship every three to four weeks currently. If you're interested just give us a call at 608-467-8329 any time from Monday to Wednesday or call the mother ship at 715-254-2163 Thursday and Friday to find out inventories and to place an order. 

What are your plans for this winter with no indoor seating?

We're doing what we can to offer fresh beer and hot pizza to go, but the most that we can hope for this year is that our customers are willing to stop by and purchase some beer to go to help keep us going this winter. As soon as we're able to, we will open the patio back up in the spring and hopefully the indoors again. 

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