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O'so Brewing Company was founded in 2007 in Plover, Wisconsin, by Marc and Katina Buttera. Marc was an avid home-brewer and opened O'so after opening a home-brew supply shop known as Point Brew Supply. In 2013, O'so was declared the 2nd fastest growing brewery in the state. In the Fall of 2015, O'so won its first Great American Beer Festival Award Gold Medal for its year-round beer, The Big O.

O'so is a firm believer in supporting Wisconsin craft beer as a brand, going so far as to have once had 40 Wisconsin craft beers, with 30 currently on tap in our taproom, and using almost entirely Wisconsin products in our beer and to make our beer. The grain, the can sleeves, the case boxes, the labels, and the bottles, are all Wisconsin-made products.

O'so also strives to help out our local communities. All tour funds and donations go to local charities and benefits. In 2014, O'so raised over $17,500 for different local benefits.

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