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Opening Hours

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Taproom Hours:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 3 - 8 p.m

Wednesday: 3 - 9 p.m

Thursday: 3 - 9 p.m

Friday: 11 - 10 p.m

Saturday: 11 - 10 p.m

Sunday: 2 - 6 p.m


Get Informed

Do you serve food?

We serve pizzas currently, but if that isn't your jam, you're more than welcome to bring in food and munch while enjoying a cold brew. We plan on opening a kitchen in our new facility near summer.

What are your Covid-19 Regulations?

We try to keep our space as safe as possible for our guests. This means that our staff will all be wearing masks, and we maintain a strict bleach/soap water wash on each table after each customer leaves. 

Outside of cleaning and masks, we also have spaced our tables and chairs in order socially distance. 

What events do you have?

Since Covid-19, we've stopped doing tours and live events. We have plans to jump back into music and other live events once we see the cases start dropping, but that could be a while. If you're interested in planning an event with us, please email us through the contact us.

Current Taphouse Menu

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