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Amore Catered Menu

Available for rentals at O'so.

O'so Amore offers everything on our regular menu as well as many other items for our catered menu.

Item's include Pizza, Sandwiches, Appetizers, Snack Trays, Sliders, and more. Check out the items below!

Pizzas are available in all the same styles as on our main menu. Click here to see the main menu.











Sandwiches include everything on our main menu, with expanded options.

We offer Smoked Pulled Pork Meals, Smoked Pulled Chicken Meals, Italian Beef Meals. 

We also offer Sliders, including, Pulled Pork Sliders, Italian Beef Sliders, Ham and Cheese Sliders, and more. 

For Appetizers we can offer everything on our main menu, along with a few other items.

We can offer a wide variety of Appetizers including Meatballs, Pasta Salads, Donuts, and more. If you're looking for something specific, just ask!

We offer a variety of snacking trays, including:

Fruit Trays: 

Fruit is subjected to seasonality. Trays differ drastically throughout the year.


Veggie Trays:

Veggies are subjected to seasonality.


Meat/Cheese/Cracker Trays:

Vary in style depending on request. Some are more simple in ingredients, with some having a variety of more unique cheeses. 

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