Marc Buttera


Beyond owning and operating the brewery, Marc brings over 20 years of brewing experience between home brewing and professionally brewing. Previously Marc was a mechanical engineer and brings his expertise to the table every day.


Katina Buttera


Katina runs the office side of the business, along with our sister company 'Point Brew Supply'. Katina was previously an accountant and brings that expertise to the group.


Dylan Buttera

General Sales Manager

Dylan started off in 2010 as a Beertender moved onto sales just a few years later. Dylan oversees sales for the states of WI, MN, IL, and PA, as well as searching for new sales in other states.

He also dedicates copious amounts of time and energy into creating detailed databases to do a number of things for our company. 


Kurt Woodruff

Southern WI Sales Manager

Kurt leads our southern WI sales efforts, and does a great job of it. Kurt has worked selling beverages since 2009, with him joining us in 2018. Currently, Kurt also helps us run the Madhouse while covid prevents festivals and the normal sales.


Dan Buttera

Wearer of Many Hats

Dan joined the company in 2011 as a Beertender but has since moved on to work in all aspects of the business. Beyond operating our sister company 'Point Brew Supply', working in the taphouse, or packaging in the brewery, Dan also leads our social media, website and marketing efforts.


Steve Paulik


Steve is our most senior employee having joined us in 2009. Every bit of beer that we produce, Steve has had his part in. His expertise in his job is part of what we believe makes our beer excellent.


Mike Ottum


Since joining us in 2014, Mike has perfected his craft on a increasingly growing scale. Having taken on the role of our primary brewer this year, Mike has helped us fine tune our systems and increase the amount of delicious beer that we can sell.


Kyle 'Zoomy' Zoromski


Since joining us as our packaging lead in 2019 Zoomy has become one of our most valuable people. Zoomys growing expertise has helped us reduce packaging waste.


Dave Hron


Dave joined us part-time in 2017, and helps fill in canning in the brewery, and operating our sister company 'Point Brew Supply'.

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Darby Gonzales


Darby joined us in 2019 as a part time beertender, but has quickly become one of our essential employees. He brings a passion for beer to our Madhouse location. 

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Elizabeth 'Liz' Bettenhausen


Elizabeth was an O’so customer for 5 years before moving to the other side of the bar.  She appreciates natural, local items used in O’so beers.  Since joining us she has been learning about the brewing process at O’so. 


Micah Meza


Micah joined us in August as our newest beertender. During the day he works for a local financial institute but enjoys spending his weekends slinging beers. 


Paul Buchkowski


Paul started working for us part-time at the beginning of the year, and has been a great help at filling in whenever a need arises.